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How to Use the Tourni-Key Plus for Catastrophic Bleeding

The Tourni-Key Plus is a simple tourniquet designed to help stop catastrophic bleeding from a limb. This guide will explain its usage and components.

Contents of the Tourni-Key Plus Kit

The Tourni-Key Plus kit comes in a sealed bag, which can be purchased individually or as part of a bleed kit. The kit contains three main components:

  • Instruction card: Provides step-by-step instructions on using the tourniquet, including visual diagrams.
  • Tourni-Key: Made from strong plastic, this device tightens a bandage around a limb to stop bleeding.
  • Triangular bandage: A standard material bandage used to wrap around the limb.

Using the Tourni-Key Plus

  1. Unwrap the triangular bandage and roll it into a broad fold bandage with a 90-degree corner at the bottom.
  2. Place the bandage around the limb just above the injury, avoiding any joints. Secure it with a half knot.
  3. Slide the provided card under the bandage to protect the skin from pinching.
  4. Secure the Tourni-Key on top of the bandage by tying it in place.
  5. Wind the Tourni-Key to apply pressure and stop the bleeding. Tighten it until the bleeding stops.
  6. Tuck the end of the Tourni-Key underneath the bandage to secure it.
  7. Note the time the tourniquet was applied, as this information is crucial for EMS personnel.

Once the tourniquet is in place, focus on stabilising the patient and treating them for shock. Continuously monitor the limb to ensure the bleeding doesn't resume. If necessary, apply more pressure or add another tourniquet above the first one, avoiding joints.

Where to Find More Information and Purchase the Tourni-Key Plus

For more information or to purchase the Tourni-Key Plus, visit, email, or call ProTrainings to learn more about the Tourni-Key and other bleed packages offered.