Embedded Objects

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Handling Embedded Objects in First Aid Situations

In this video, we will discuss embedded objects, which are foreign items that penetrate the body, such as knives, glass, or pieces of wood. We will focus on treating a knife wound while controlling bleeding and securing the object.

Do Not Remove Embedded Objects

It is crucial to never remove an embedded object from the body, as doing so may worsen the injury. The object itself may be sealing the wound and preventing further damage. Inform the patient to leave the object in place if they attempt to remove it.

Securing the Object and Controlling Bleeding

  1. Put on gloves to maintain hygiene.
  2. Take two dressings and apply them on either side of the object to prevent movement and control bleeding.
  3. Use another dressing to carefully bandage the wound in place, ensuring not to push down on the object.
  4. Cut the bandage if necessary to allow the object to protrude through the dressing.
  5. Check the bleeding to ensure it has been controlled.

Immobilisation and Seeking Medical Help

Depending on the injury location, immobilise the affected area if possible. In the case of a knife wound to the stomach, keep the person still and avoid any movement. Ensure no further harm can occur and either transport the patient to the hospital or call emergency services, depending on the severity of the injury.