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Tourni-Key: An Essential Tool for First Aid in Bleeding Emergencies

Designed by charity citizenAID, the Tourni-Key is a small, portable tool used to apply a tourniquet to a person's limb in bleeding emergencies. This compact device can easily fit in a pocket, purse, or glove compartment, making it readily accessible for first responders, military personnel, law enforcement officers, and civilians.

What is a Tourniquet?

A tourniquet is a medical device that stops bleeding by applying pressure to a person's artery. It is typically used when direct pressure is insufficient for controlling bleeding, such as in cases of deep wounds or limb amputations.

Using the Tourni-Key

  1. Sit the patient down and explain the procedure.
  2. Call emergency services if you haven't already.
  3. Open the Tourni-Key packet and remove its contents.
  4. Roll the triangular bandage into a broad fold bandage and tie it around the limb. Do not apply the tourniquet over a wound or joint.
  5. Place the Tourni-Key over the bandage and tie it in place. Insert the pinch guard under the knot.
  6. Twist the Tourni-Key tightly until the bleeding stops, then secure it under the bandage.
  7. If bleeding continues, tighten the Tourni-Key further or apply a second one above the first.
  8. Note the application time for emergency services.
  9. Monitor the patient, treat them for shock, and if possible, direct someone to guide the ambulance to your location.

Where to Find the Tourni-Key

The citizenAID Tourni-Key can be found in some versions of Public Access Trauma Kits or first-aid kits. For more information on obtaining a Tourni-Key or a Public Access Bleeding Kit, please contact us.